I was recently in Austin with my cousin when we heard of a fast food restaurant with a small menu but some great food. After finding this place near our hotel I did notice that that it was kind of small but had this presence that was very big and very retro.

This burger stand, known as P. Terry's, is a very popular restaurant in Austin and San Antonio due the small menu and 1950's and 60's vibe. Despite it's old timey vibe P. Terry's was founded back in 2005 by Kathy and Patrick Terry, which was actually Patrick's life long dream to open a restaurant. The thing aside from the old style vibe and small menu is the quality of the food which is because of how small the menu is gets a lot of focus. At P. Terry's the food freshness is key and yolu can see them using cutting actual potatoes in the back while you wait for you order.

I obviously had to not just see this restaurant but try it out for myself so I could accurately describe it. In honor of one of my coworkers I did order the veggie burger that they had along with some of their french fries. The french fries were cut right there on site from a potato and were not shoestring fries but maybe like pencil sized fries so they weren't too small but were very perfect to enjoy with your burger.

The veggie burger was actually very good and as a avid meat eater myself I could barely tell it wasn't meat except for the fact that it was very delicate and creamy but very delicious. My cousin did try the shakes and I can confidently say that I have never had a better shake in my life as it was sweet and paired beautifully with the french fries.

P. Terry's Menu, Mikael Donnovan
P. Terry's Menu, Mikael Donnovan

I am determined to go back to a P. Terry's and try a regular burger and chicken burger but with lettuce as the bun, it's very much my favorite way to eat a chicken burger. They also have a shake of the month and serve breakfast, the breakfast is simple and honestly sometimes that's just what you need to start the day. I did reach out to P. Terry's to see if they had any plans of opening a Lubbock location any time in the future and will keep you up to date with any response provided. Let us know if you think Lubbock needs a P. Terry's and where it could be located in the comments.

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