Fast food gets more expensive every single year and unfortunately, our paychecks haven't received the memo. It's rough out there, guys. Long gone are the days of 5 for $5 Whoppers at Burger King, or the highly prized $1 menu at McDonalds. We didn't realize how lucky we were until it was too late. Damn it.

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Have we given up on inventing time machines? Is anybody out there still messing with that idea?

TikTok user @yo_lovelyocean came across a receipt from a trip to Taco Bell that was dated way back in 2012. She was floored. Check out her video below:

In 2012, you could get two beefy five-lay burritos from Taco Bell for just $2.59...and now? You'll spend a whopping $7.38 for the same thing. Doesn't seem worth it, huh? Inflation is a total bummer.

When I was a high school student, my friends and I would get stuffed at Taco Bell for whatever change we found in the cupholder of my car. Quarters aren't getting you very far anymore. Now, they're only good for dirty looks at the drive-thru window.

If I had a dollar for every time I've counted out change to buy fast food...well...I wouldn't need to count out change to buy fast food...*sigh*

Do any big chain restaurants still have unbeatable prices? Comment on this article if you've found a cheap loophole or creative hack to get what you want for half the price. I might feature your tips in my next article.

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