You've heard of Bigfoot, right? Texas has it's own cryptids, including it's own bigfoot and more.


I have never heard of this cryptid until today. First, a cryptid is described as "an animal that is claimed to exist but never proven to exist". Most cryptids exit within the realm of what you or I might call monsters, though benign ones at that. Again, Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster would be considered cryptids.


Something New, Yet Old

I have heard of the West Virginia Mothman before. The legend is so ingrained in the area they've even erected a 12-foot statue as a tourist attraction. I really never gave this legend much thought, until I heard there was a similar sighting in Texas. The very fact that sightings happened in two areas of the country somehow makes it much more real to me.


The Houston Batman

Hold onto the rails, because this ride is about to get intense. In 1953 a woman and two friends saw a giant shadow that she initially mistook for a moth in the streetlight. Whatever it was, it flew up into a nearby pecan tree.  In the tree she saw a large man-shaped figure which she described as about 6 1/2 foot tall in black or grey clothes with bat-like wings. She also said their was a weird yellow glow around it.


The Batman Moves

The story gets stranger because the woman claimed the the figure lingered and swayed on a tree branch for about thirty seconds, then disappeared. She then they heard a "swoosh sound" over the nearby rooftops along with a white flash. She was so convinced that she witnessed something spectacular and unusual that she reported the incident to the police


So What Was It?

In Texas we have a saying and it's, "Don't get me to lyin'". I think it's very easy to confuse a bear on two legs or even another human as a bigfoot. I have no idea what to make of a flying man. I can't even think of any birds or bats out there this size, and if there was, what about the yellow glow? So for right now, The Houston Batman will remain a mystery.

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