Full disclosure: I was a film host at my city's Alamo Drafthouse for a few years. It was awesome.

I look back on the movie parties, the afternoon teas and the "straight-screenings" of cult film favorites with extreme pride. Along with Alamo's programming, I made people's movie experience happier, sillier, more edifying, or at least a little more interesting (I hope). And my Jareth The Goblin King costume was on point.

Then, after a showing of My Fair Lady, with a theater full of folks who came month after month to my afternoon teas, I was told it would likely be my last, "for a few weeks" as the pandemic began. I, along with all the other hosts at my Alamo, were fired en masse via email.

Some of my friends were hired back. Most weren't, and I wasn't. I hold no grudge, but I sure do miss those afternoon teas, which never came back to my Alamo. The specialty programming has been on the increase, and I am thrilled to see Alamo recover after brutal pandemic years.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema
Justin Massoud, Townsquare Media Lubbock

Now, there are reports that Alamo Drafthouse is for sale. This has me and many of my fellow Texas cinephiles holding our breath. Because Alamo holds a special place for us. My Alamo is actually a franchise, so it may not be affected by the sale, but most Alamos are owned by the people who founded them- Tim and Karrie League.

Alamo began its life as a one-screen theater showing discounted second-run movies and became a shining beacon for people who love film as art, as culture, as a way of life. That's because Alamo celebrates independent films, cult films, and adds an extra dimension to classic favorites- like scratch cards that smell like the Bog of Eternal Stench.

Depending on who purchases Alamo- our Drafthouses could change significantly. I'm hoping it's a fellow film geek, a real movie lover who will honor the traditions Alamo has started- from the no-ad pre-shows to the craft beers and queso-covered burgers. Because an Alamo that's just like every other theater is no Alamo at all.

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