It makes my heart so happy to see SOLD OUT emblazoned over ANY local Lubbock concert/ show, regardless of the bands or even the genre. There are several reasons why I could weep with joy.

For one, it means Lubbock is supporting live music, which is so beautiful. It means Lubbock is getting out and enjoying life, and spending a little of their hard-earned cash supporting our local music venues.


It also means that Lubbock is finally starting to buy tickets IN ADVANCE to shows- a vitally important step towards more promoters and bands taking a chance on Lubbock

Spring Breakdown '24, featuring: Upon a Burning Body, The Browning, Vctms, and Hollow Front, set for March 28 at Jake's Backroom, is now Sold Out. Anyone who thought they could buy tickets to this delicious metalcore lineup at the door is now out of luck.

This is certainly not the first time a show has sold out there (I immediately recall Cannibal Corpse as another), but it's a great reminder/ warning to buy your tickets as soon as you know you want to go and have your dollars ready.

Many other concerts and shows are coming to Lubbock in 2024. Truly we are blessed by the music gods this year. Any of them have the potential of selling out, but I'd bet the barn that P.O.D/ Bad Wolves and Toadies will.

Tickets for most upcoming shows are available at Ralph's Records online or at 82nd & Indiana. Of course, you can also try your luck at winning your way in with us as well, but nothing will ever be as sure as a ticket in your hand.

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