I have loved thrifting in Lubbock since I discovered the joy of it as a young teen. I wore an 80s Galactus T-shirt I found at the American Council for the Blind until it was in absolute tatters.

It's a wonderful way to find clothes, books, knick-knacks, furniture, and more at a fabulous price, and an even better way to ensure a unique look to your wardrobe and home.

Lubbock recently lost one of its best thrift stores and has been devoid of our massive Savers for years. Luckily for us, a new thrifting opportunity has popped up, and it will celebrate its Grand Opening in a big way.


Beginning today (2/23/2024) through tomorrow, the new Thrift Center, located at 3802 Ave Q, will have their entire store on sale for 30% off.

That's an exciting deal on top of the savings you get when you thrift. And you can feel good about shopping (and donating) at thrift stores because it is an environmentally friendly practice:

When getting rid of clothing, some people still choose to toss it out with their trash. On average, Americans create an average of 80 pounds of textile waste every single year. This waste ends up in landfills and damages the environment. As all these clothes decompose, they can generate greenhouse gases and drop toxic chemicals into the ground.

When you donate to a thrift store and/or shop at a thrift store, it's even better than recycling because no energy is expended to repurpose the item. It can be a real win/win for those of us who need to do a little Spring Clean, but still like to enjoy an afternoon shopping.

Welcome to Lubbock Thrift Center!

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