The panhandle region of Texas is expecting some horrible wind and snow conditions over the next couple of days. Meanwhile, the southwestern and western portions of the state are expecting fire weather conditions, and the eastern and southeastern parts of Texas are about to be pummeled with large hail, flash flooding, and heavy rain.

Photo by Jake Espedido on Unsplash
Photo by Jake Espedido on Unsplash

Are we ready for that bad weather? After the power grid failure in February of 2021 that directly and indirectly killed an estimated 702 people, you might be feeling a little nervous.

So, what has the state done to ensure we don't have a major malfunction?

Gov. Greg Abbott recently announced that the Texas Division of Emergency Management is working hard to increase our level of readiness at the Texas State Operations Center.

Here's to hoping they've taken this seriously. The center's readiness level is reportedly listed at Level II escalated response, according to KXAN. Is that enough?

Make sure you prepare yourself for the worst by having extra blankets and sleeping bags in your home and vehicle along with extra batteries, chargers, flashlights, non-perishable foods, and perhaps even a large can or bucket to use as an emergency toilet in the event your plumbing is disrupted by cold weather, or you find yourself trapped in your vehicle. Better safe than sorry and REALLY needing to use the potty...

Were you affected by the ERCOT power grid failure? I'd like to hear about your experience. Do you feel confident in Texas' ability to ensure it doesn't happen again? Comment below this article or reach out to me by email at

Stay safe and warm out there, friends!

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