If you're feeling a little down after the holidays, or you're going through a rough patch, you might consider donating a little bit of your time and love to a dog from the Lubbock Animal Shelter.

Pop into the shelter and ask to take one of the dogs on a little adventure. You could take them for a stroll at the park, grab them a pup cup at Starbucks, and spend the afternoon giving them some belly rubs before taking them back.

It doesn't require the commitment of bringing home a new family member, and you can use a doggy day out as a form of therapy for you and the dog. You'll both be getting some social interaction and cuddles, two things that may be lacking in your life right now.

I personally went through a really horrible break up a few months ago. When the holidays hit, I was beside myself with grief. I asked a friend if I might be able to take her dog for a walk at the park and she agreed to let me. It really helped me take my mind off of the crud I was going through, but honestly, I wish I'd taken a dog from the shelter out instead. I just didn't think of it at that moment.

My next dog walk will be with a pup that needs a break from reality too.

Consider taking a Lubbock puppy out for a spin. If you do, send me a couple of photos to Chrissy.Covington@townsquaremedia.com. I'd love to see all the fun you have together.

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