JellyRoll is coming to the Hub City and we have a major hookup for you!

Jellyroll will stop at the well-appointed United Supermarkets Arena on August 29th.  We would love to put you and three of your friends in some seats for the show.

JellyRoll has had a phenomenal year. Yes, you've heard that claim about many artists, but JellyRoll is doing it in two different lanes. I think you'd have a very tough time finding another artist who had a number-one song on both country and rock in the same year (Son Of A Sinner and Dead Man Walking respectively).

At this point, it would be very hard to start listing all that's going on with the artist, other than his new rock single "Need A Favor" which some are calling the "song of the year". The track is from his forthcoming album "Whitsett Chapel" which is due about a month before his Lubbock performance. You can win four tickets to his "Backwoods Baptism" tour by entering below. It almost goes without saying that we are very fortunate to have a show coming here because his fame and name keep blowing up bigger and bigger every single day.

Enter now for your chance to win. We would love for you to be our guest for JellyRoll at United Supermarkets Arena on Tuesday, August 29th.