Texas Tech was recently in the news and for all the wrong reasons.

Image by 51581 from Pixabay/Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay
Image by 51581 from Pixabay/Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

Football, You Bet

A Texas Tech football player recently made headlines for basically saying he didn't believe in outer space. He went on to say that he was "real religious" so he didn't think there were other planets. This news made all of the major news outlets, and particularly USA Today. Okay, let's dissect this here.

No Disrespect

I am at least trying to remain respectful in this discussion. What the player was probably referring to was the part of the bible that claims god placed a firmament (a dome) over the earth, essentially making all of it a terrarium.  In my opinion, the kid at least deserves credit for studying his bible and taking it literally. Whether it is ridiculous or not, you can't blame the guy for going all in.

The One We Didn't Mention

We should mention that we never added Tech's embarrassing NCAA celebration to the list of negative national media attention. Let's not forget that wonderful night in 2019 when a pile of Lime scooters, a couch, and a car were set on fire. We'll call this event number 13, and the recent events as number 14 on our list.

Ah, Memories.

This reminded me of an older gallery I created with "12 Times Lubbock Was Embarrassed By The National Media". I am going to present it here again untouched, even though some of the items on it almost seem quaint in retrospect (For instance the stunts pulled by former politician Randy Neugebauer are almost standard political theatre these days). Age has made a lot of these things fall by the wayside, but at the time they generated a ton of negative attention for Lubbock.

12 Times Lubbock Was Embarrassed in the National Media

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