Whenever you think about a long standoff with police in the state of Texas, most people automatically think about the Waco siege. That took place back from February 28-April 19, 1993. That was led by religious leader David Koresh ending with their compound catching fire and having a shootout with law enforcement in which 86 people died. But that is not the only standoff with Texas law enforcement that lasted 51 days. 

Does the Name Richard Keyes Sound Familiar? 

The other long police standoff that also lasted just shy of a week in the state of Texas involved Richard Keyes. It was back in 1997 when Keyes and others apart of the ‘Republic of Texas’ had barricaded themselves in a home and had firearms prepared to fight law enforcement.  

The standoff lasted six days, with many of the same law enforcement officers that worked on the Waco siege also working on this standoff that took place in Fort Davis, Texas. 

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What Happened to Richard Keyes? 

As the standoff seemed to be coming to an end there were hostage negotiations that were agreed upon and almost everyone surrendered. Except Richard Keyes and another man Mike Matson who slipped into the wilderness. After days of searching for the men law enforcement thought they died as they were dealing with harsh conditions. But Police caught up to Matson who was killed in a gunfight. 

Richard Keyes went on the run for more than four months and eventually one of his family members reported to the police where they could find him. He was arrested while walking on a rural road in New Waverly. In 1998 he was sentenced to 90 years in prison, he is serving his time in Iowa Park, Texas. He is eligible for parole beginning in 2027. 

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