If you're like me, you will go to great lengths to avoid shopping at any Texas Walmart. Sure you can probably save money on a variety of things. Still, the hassle of dealing with so many obstacles creates a love/hate relationship with the ionic store chain.

Thanks to so many dollar stores popping up all over the place it's not as much of a necessity to hit the store we affectionately refer to as "Wally World". But the need does arise and when it does, get ready for a little bit of anxiety to come your way.


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No matter what my wife and I do to avoid going to Walmart, we usually have to encounter what we call the "depths of hell" at least once a week. We do consider it an epic win to make it in and out of the store within 30 minutes.

Why Is It Such A Hassle To Shop At Walmart?

According to Finance Buzz, my wife and I are not alone in hating the experience of shopping at Walmart. Whether it's the long lines, the lack of checkout stands open, or just simply a lack of common courtesy, check out the reasons why most people leave Walmart with a sour taste in their mouths.

Top Reasons Why People Hate Walmart Stores

Here are the biggest complaints about Walmart stores across the state of Texas.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

Yet as much as we all dislike the experience of shopping at Walmart, I'm willing to bet that most who are reading this right now will stop in at least once this week. Of course, it will be to shop for one thing, only to come out an hour later with 37 items.