You truly haven't lived in Texas unless you've been to Natural Bridge Caverns. My family loves to go check out the caverns on our way to San Antonio or Fredericksburg. But, did you know that there is a house in San Antonio that sports its own caverns?

This home in San Antonio, which is not on the market at this time, comes complete with its own underground, natural cavern which does have electricity, lighting, and more.

This must-see property boasts a cavern of its own. Over $87K in excavating, lighting, electricity & improving a natural cavern on this lovely 2.56-acre property in the exclusive 7 Hills Ranch POA surrounded by 3500 acres of Nature Conservancy land. []

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As you'll see in the photos below, the amenities are next level, but they all pale in comparison to the breathtaking cavern that rests beneath the property. Talk about some awesome and adventurous times.

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I can also imagine one epic game of "hide and seek" or it would be a super cool place to hide from the inlaws. Check out this awesome place.

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Who cares what the rest of the property looks like, this house has a cavern under it.

Gallery Credit: Chaz

Again this house is unfortunately not on the market and I'm actually glad because I didn't feel like shelling out almost a million dollars. There have to be other houses in that area that have caverns underneath, right? Maybe there's a one-bedroom for rent somewhere?

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Gallery Credit: Chaz