In Texas, we're known for our rich history, fine cuisine, and vast landscapes, but we also have some of the brightest stars in entertainment who call the Lone Star State home.

You may be surprised to know just how many famous folks come to visit our great state regularly. Once they visit, it's not surprising that they want to stay forever. Who can blame them?

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Why Do Celebrities Love Texas?

Many of these stars, range from renowned actors and musicians to popular athletes and influential personalities, which shows the diverse collection of celebrities who appreciate the fine living in our state.

We have arguably the best BBQ on the planet, amazing landscapes for miles, affordable living, and cultural diversity. Of course, it has to help that we do not have a state income tax.

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Below, we'll explore some celebrities who have chosen to put down roots in Texas and why our fine state has a place in their hearts. You'll find actors like Matthew McConaughey and Sandra Bullock, musicians like pop star Beyonce, and country star  Willie Nelson, and so many more.

29 Celebrities That Live In Texas

Gallery Credit: Kelsee Pitman

Whether these celebrities were born and raised in Texas or chose to make it their adopted home, these famous folks have become an integral part of our communities and are making Texas shine a bit brighter in the world of glamour and fortune.

Now sing along with me; "The stars at night, are big and bright...deep in the heart of Texas!"