It's going to be a brand new, standalone Starbucks, now under construction in front of Planet Fitness at 50th and Indiana.

We were able to confirm this with the construction guys working at the site. A quick check on the map shows that there are not very many Starbucks inside The Loop.

Additionally, did you know that the standalone Starbucks are corporate stores, and the Starbucks coffee shops inside other businesses, like Barnes and Noble and United/Market Street stores, are franchises? I was able to confirm this as I was picking up an iced caramel macchiato the other day.

photo Jan M. Townsquare Media
Jan M., Townsquare Media Lubbock

Anyway, this great new location at this busy intersection is sure to have a popular drive-thru and cafe. We have a Starbucks across from the radio station, and it's amazing to see how there is always a line...always -- except for the other day when I zipped in there. Woo-hoo!

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