There's apparently been some talk online about whether or not trick-or-treating will happen in Lubbock on Sunday night, October 31st (Halloween) or if people will be out looking for candy on Saturday.

The confusion comes from some folks who are worried about having work and school on Monday morning. So what's happening?

We reached out to the City of Lubbock to see if there had been any memo put out about trick-or-treating. They seemed just as confused as we are and didn't have an answer. We were forwarded to the communications department where a message was left for them to return our call with any information they may have.

That being said, it's probably safe to assume that Sunday night will be the night to expect trick-or-treaters. You may want to be prepared on Saturday as well though, just in case.

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You can also make sure you're stopping at safe homes by checking out the Texas sex offender registry list and includes the address of homes that you may not want your child to visit. You can also find a child safety zone map for Lubbock.

We'd like to wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween, Please be on the lookout for little ones crossing the street in the dark and drive extra cautiously in residential areas. Let's make this a fantastic Halloween in Lubbock and one to remember for years to come.

Enjoy yourselves, and don't eat too much candy, Or do. I mean, who cares? Everyone gets a free pass on Halloween.

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