I recently took someone who isn't from Lubbock to Little Woodrow's for the first time to watch the turtle races. Within seconds of walking to the outdoor seating area, he said to me, "Oh my god! Where am I? Holy s**t!"

He was so impressed and shocked that a place that cool actually existed in Lubbock. He compared it to something you would find in Austin, which is pretty spot on. It doesn't feel like you are in small-town Texas when you're hanging out there. You feel almost transported elsewhere. The playful vibes make it a truly special place to hang out.

There are plenty of fantastic bars and restaurants in Lubbock, but something about Little Woodrow's is especially magical. No other place in town is quite like it. The outdoor courtyard area is the best. The swing sets are so much fun and the turtle races are an excellent excuse to hang out there on a Thursday night, even when you know you have to get up really early for work the next day.

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If you've never been to the turtle races, they are intense. I've seen them a couple times and it's been really fun. Everybody gets so into it. It's kind of hilarious to see a bunch of drunk college students cheering for the turtles, but by the end of the night you find yourself cheering for them, too.

Here are a whole lot of photos of all the fun that goes on at that sweet spot for anyone that hasn't ever been. By the way, nobody paid me to write this about Little Woodrow's; I just wanted to give a shout-out to one of my favorite places in town. Hope to see you there next time.

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