While the Up Campus re-zoning request in the Tech Terrace neighborhood was rejected by the Lubbock City Council it seems that one building in the area might still be demolished.

KAMC news reports that a demolition permit, filed on March 2, was discovered among public records for the Godbold Center. This comes as a surprise to many as the Godbold Center is located in the Tech Terrace neighborhood, which was recently the location of a new planned student housing development. That housing development was rejected and forced to consider re-zoning which did not pass the Lubbock City Councils approval after many residents voiced their concerns.

The demolition permit is only for the Godbold Center and does not include Cafe J. as part of the permit. The Godbold Center holds significant historical value to Lubbock, according to KAMC news, it was a clinic before becoming St. Mary's which did merge with Methodist Hospital before becoming Covenant. The building was then purchased in 1993 and then again in 2021, between those dates there were plans to demolish the three-story building.

The permit was issued just days after the Lubbock City Council rejected the re-zoning request by the Up Campus housing development. As of now there is currently no word as to if there are actually any set plans to demolish the Godbold Center just the permit that was issued. Should the Godbold Center be demolished or should it be saved and turned into something else? Let us know in the comments.

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