I normally scroll right past stories that aren't sports or in Lubbock, but every so often there's a headline so intriguing that I've got to click on it. That happened today when I read about the joy-riding Texas woman who stole a yacht and had her drugs riding shotgun. 

Straight from the trending section on Twitter comes a woman in Texas who took a joyride on a 52-foot yacht on Monday, May 9th. The name of the woman was Renee Waguespack. She allegedly just hopped on the $170,000 boat and took off into the Offatts Bayou.

Nobody was on the boat when Waguespack took off, so that must have been quite the surprise when you come home to your 52-foot boat missing. "Honey, do you remember where we parked the yacht?"

The United States Coast Guard located Maguespack and the boat, named Loyalty, by the same afternoon. The story only gets even more wild from there.

"Waguespack, 45, was booked to the Galveston County Jail." mysanantonio.com said. "She was subsequently charged with possession of a controlled substance, which, because of the weight of the contraband, is a third-degree felony."

I've always said if you're going to go joyriding on a yacht that isn't yours, leave the felony amount of meth at home. Because Waguespack didn't take my longtime advice, she was charged with unlawful use of a motor vehicle along with her drug charges.

If I didn't live in Lubbock I'd be tempted to take the yacht out for a spin every day.

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