If you hadn't heard, the Texas Longhorns beat the Georgia Bulldogs in the Sugar Bowl on New Year's Day. The Longhorns dominated the game and the final score really didn't reflect how the game felt. But the Longhorns' domination started before the opening kickoff when Bevo, the Longhorns' live mascot, charged Uga, Georgia's mascot.

It was funny, mostly harmless, but definitely preventable. Here's a video of the encounter:

All's well that ends well, right? Not so fast, my friend.

PETA is now involved. I can't say I've ever seen PETA successfully get what they want, but that's mostly because I do my best to ignore the organization. I like bacon. I used to eat bacon. Probably too much bacon. I still eat bacon. I'm just saying that PETA and I aren't really on the same page.

The group's latest crusade for the dark wing avengers of animal rights is that BEVO and Uga should be retired due to this "near-tragedy." PETA sent letters to both universities involved, urging them to retire their live animal mascots.


I don't particularly care that Uga continues being on the sideline. What does he really provide to the atmosphere? What threat does he pose?

The only reason I care about this at all is because the Red Raiders have their very own live mascot that is incredibly useful and ingrained in the game day atmosphere. If we bend the knee to PETA and ban a bulldog or an obviously much more dangerous steer with ill-equipped handlers and guard rails, then where do we draw the line?

I say we ban the handlers of Bevo who couldn't set up his pen right. I say we ban the Uga leash holder, who thought it would be a good idea for a bulldog to be within goring distance of a ginormous steer. It's not the animal's fault they were put in the situation to react.

In conclusion, I don't care about Bevo, but I dang sure care about the principal of the situation that live-animal mascots are important and a great part of the game. PETA always asks you to send polite words to the people they want to change, so let's turn the tables and send some polite words.

You can direct all polite words to @PETA on Twitter. Here's an example:


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