Everyone seems to be very early when it comes to getting their Christmas tree ready with some people even opting to put it up on November 1st. What should you do though when Christmas is over and you have a tree in your living room, you could throw it out or do something better for the environment.

I personally believe that Christmas trees should go up on November 4th, just the day after Dia de los Muertos, and be taken down on January 7th, the day after Three Kings day. If your tree is still green and has some life to it then maybe you can do what my friends do and bury their tree in their vegetable garden where it will go back into the soil. That may seem a bit weird to dig a grave in your vegetable garden to bury your tree mafia style but you could also maybe try planting it.

For those who are not into the whole mafia approach of making their once beloved trees sleep with the earth worms there is one more alternative. Throw it away. I don't mean hurling the tree into a dumpster but taking it to one of the roll-off trash bins provide by the city.

The City of Lubbock's Solid Waste Department has four drop-off sites this year in Lubbock where residents can take their living trees and get them grounded into mulch. The Southside Solid Waste Department actually offers mulch year-round, so if you are wanting to collect your tree be sure to take a shovel and bag, box, or even line the back of your truck so you can collect and tow away the mulch.

The live tree drop-off site dumpsters are currently available until January 10 when they will be moved inside the facility for the duration of the month. Also, it is advised that all decorations be taken off your tree so the mulch stays an organic product. I do personally advise everyone planning to dispose of their trees after the new year to make sure its in a secure place that could not accidently catch fire from a stray firework.

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