Most of us are still waiting on our stimulus checks to show up. If you're not aware, it's easy to check for updates on its arrival using the IRS website.

If you would like to check the status of your stimulus check, head over to the website and click the tab labeled "Get My Payment" and fill out the required information at the resulting page.

You will need to provide your social security number (or individual tax identification number), date of birth, street address and ZIP code.

After doing that, you will receive an update with the approximate time frame your money will be deposited. However, some information may not be available if you're having a paper check mailed to you. Those seem to take a bit longer.

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I checked the status of mine today and it was not yet available, likely for the aforementioned reason. I've had mine mailed to me in the past, and they usually arrive around a month or two after everyone else. I'm lucky I don't have kids to provide for and have either been able to work or receive unemployment throughout the pandemic.

It's kind of annoying that I have to wait several more weeks for mine, but on the upside, I'll have extra cash when my friends have already blown through theirs, so drinks are on me, boyz.

If for some reason you never received your first payment, you can also find out what happened to it and get yourself squared away by finding out if you are eligible for the Recovery Rebate Credit. The website is nowhere near as slow as it has been in the past. I found the IRS website to be some kind of sick torture at the very beginning of the pandemic, and it took me dozens of attempts and hours on hold to get my first payments. It's a bit smoother now.

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