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In the wake of the tragic suicide terror bombing in Kabul which killed 13 United States Service Members and scores of Afghani's outside of Hamid Karzai International Airport, people nationwide have been coming together to honor their service, sacrifice and memory, while still coming to terms with the events leading up to and surrounding this violent incident.

Photo by Robert Guss on Unsplash
Photo by Robert Guss on Unsplash

All over, flags are flying at half staff, and Americans are asking how this could have been prevented, while fearing for the safety of fellow U.S. citizens who have been needlessly left behind in Afghanistan after a chaotic and hasty retreat.

One Lubbock restaurant decided to honor our brave men and women who were lost with the gesture of simply buying them a beer.

As reported by KLBK and EverythingLubbock, a table was set aside at Bubba's 33 at the South Plains Mall with 13 empty chairs, each one representing a brave soldier who was lost in last week's attack. On the table in each place, was a cold beer...

“It makes you feel sad, and it makes me feel proud and honored to respect those members who will not be returning. We pray for them and their families and for everybody that is still over there (Afghanistan) and trying to come home.”

Bubba's 33 Managing Partner Marco Vasquez told Everything Lubbock that there was no other way that he would have wanted to pay his respects to the fallen.

"What better way to celebrate their lives and to go ahead and sacrifice a little something ourselves that way we can honor them," Vasquez said.

Ironically, several of those servicemembers killed in the attack were not yet old enough to even legally buy a beer, yet sacrificed their lives in a far-away land for their country. Regardless of your feelings about the hasty retreat from Afghanistan or the fallout surrounding what may be next, the fact of the matter is that 13 brave soldiers will not be coming home and can never be forgotten.

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