TikToker Jason Roy has been blessing TikTok with hilarious videos of his Pop, Joe Mack.

Roy has been posting TikToks of Pop since February of 2020 and has grown to a following of 1.1 million people and almost 8 million total likes on his account.

The videos consist of the sassy banter between Roy and Pop as they spend time together. Most of the time, Roy is driving Pop around, or hanging out on the porch together. During those times, Pop is either talking bout football, big booties, or making a snarky remark about something.

My favorite video that Roy tends to post are the ones where he is helping Pop get into the Truck. It usually consists of Roy helping hoist Pop up and giving him a couple of pats on the rear. Of course, Pop doesn't care for the pats on the bum and tells Roy to knock it off (with some choice words).

Warning: NSFW Language

My other favorite interaction between these two has to be when Roy tells Pop he is tired. Apparently, Pop doesn't think Roy has any reason to be tired, and he isn't afraid to speak his mind.

Warning: NSFW Language

I think these types of relationships are hilarious, and I love seeing them pop up on my for you page. You can tell that the love is there, but it is just expressed a bit differently. Whenever Pop is sassy to Roy, he just plays along and jokes right back, typically getting one sort of smile or laugh out of Pop eventually.

Warning: NSFW Language

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