Lubbock is very close to playing with a full 'Texas deck.' After we get our H-E-B (in fall 2020) and a Braum's, all we will need is a Bucc-ee's and a resurrection of Taco Cabana.

While we're waiting on the construction and opening process, we can build our dream H-E-B shopping list:

H‑E‑B That Green Sauce started the craze with its spicy blend of jalapeños and poblanos. People fell in love with it and began pouring it on tacos, eggs, fajitas… everything!

Spiced pumpkin ice cream with swirls of graham cracker crust & whip cream swirls. Our Ice Creams never use High Fructose Corn Syrup, Artificial Flavors, or hundreds of other synthetic ingredients.

From Dr. B to limited flavors like Sangria, H-E-B's sodas are notoriously delicious and free of high fructose corn syrup and other cheap, yucky ingredients.

H‑E‑B Café Olé Taste of San Antonio Medium Roast is a medium‑bodied coffee with subtle undertones of cinnamon, chocolate and vanilla. These distinct flavors perfectly capture the Old‑World mystique of one of the most picturesque and historic cities in Texas.

Did you know that the OFFICIAL snack of Texas is tortilla chips and salsa? Of course you did, at least in your heart. And when H-E-B comes, we can take the Texas love to a whole 'nother level with Texas shaped chips.

H‑E���B Spicy Charro Beans – they’re made with fresh vegetables, jalapeño and serrano peppers for an extra kick of flavor. Made in Texas.

...and many many more delicious and oh-so-Texas choices.

And as a bonus: Get the littles in on the action with the H-E-B Food Basket with Play Food. (Okay, I would totally play with this as a grown adult.)


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