Update: Monday afternoon, we spoke to a spokesperson for Peaceful Gardens Memorial Park. He told us that the cemetery was currently filling in graves with more dirt and working to fix the issues caused by the recent heavy rains.

Original story: When we bury our loved ones, it's almost like a set-it-and-forget-it moment. Once they're buried, we assume everything is OK... until it isn't

Numerous graves at Peaceful Gardens Memorial Park in Woodrow are sinking, and not just a tiny bit. Some graves have taken the markers and flowers with them.

With the recent rains though, this is to be expected as graves do sink.

Over time, a backfilled grave will 'sink' as the air pockets escape and the soil settles; this is absolutely natural and practically unavoidable, especially in wet weather. Ground subsidence is more likely after an extreme rainfall events or excessive rainfall over a prolonged period of time.

I've attempted to contact Peaceful Gardens, and no one has returned my call yet. I'm hoping they do the right thing and fix these graves and markers as soon as possible.

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