A lot of seniors hit the beach for spring break, but not a lot of seniors are there.

A woman named Doreen Grett is a Twitter sensation after her granddaughter, Payton, shared this photo of her drinking with some co-eds who were in Mexico for spring break. Doreen happened to be in town on vacation and she bumped into the young whipper-snappers. The picture is priceless and looks like it's from the set of some lame comedy that will be heavily edited once it shows up on TNT in six months.

One of the girls in the photo even shared some video of the quarter pounding shots. You've gotta love the fact that three girls in skimpy bathing suits have totally been upstaged by the coolest senior citizen not named Betty White.

So, while your grandmother is busy watching back-to-back episodes of Murder, She Wrote, hitting the Golden Corral buffet at five o'clock and slipping on her velour track suit so she can power walk around the mall , just know that the twittersphere has gone bananas with love for Doreen, who should totally return stateside to hang with this hard-drinking student.

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