A cold front is currently pushing through the region, bringing with it much colder temperatures and possible frosty conditions for motorists Friday morning (Oct. 11th).

A freeze means that temperatures are expected to fall at or below 32 degrees, and a hard freeze is when temperatures are expected to remain below 32 degrees for long enough to severely damage or kill vegetation.

A frost suggests that ice crystals may form on the ground when freezing temperatures combine with moisture near the ground.

Much of the South Plains is expected to be experiencing at or below freezing temperatures beginning this evening. The National Weather Service in Lubbock has issued a Freeze Watch with a reminder to check the four Ps:

courtesy National Weather Service Lubbock, Texas
National Weather Service Lubbock, Texas

Be sure check on pipes, plants, people and pets, especially where sub-freezing temperatures are likely, including the communities of Muleshoe, Plainview, and Littlefield.

Temperatures may remain below freezing in some areas for more than a couple of hours, so sprinklers should be turned off to avoid build up of ice on walk-ways or drive-ways.

Continue to follow the forecast with your preferred local weather professional in order to remain aware of any hazardous conditions during the next 24 hours.

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