I first met Jeanelle Wadkins when she was a sergeant on midnight shift. I was a dispatcher with the Lubbock Police Department. She used to come and talk to us and hang out sometimes in the wee hours because she wanted to get to know her dispatchers, which was cool. She was one of the first police officers I got to know during my time as a dispatcher with the department.

Since then, she has made history -- not once, but twice at the Lubbock Police Department. When she was promoted to lieutenant a few years ago, she was the first woman in LPD history to do so. Of course, I was absolutely thrilled for her, because I’m all about women’s empowerment and women supporting other women. After all, we’re in this together -- right, ladies?

Well, Jeanelle has just done it again.

Wednesday (May 23), Lieutenant Jeanelle Wadkins was promoted to captain, making LPD history again. You go, girl!

I spoke with the newly promoted Captain Wadkins and asked her what she would say to other women who are doing their best to get ahead in this tough world.

"When you get to a door and it doesn't open, don't expect others to open it for you. Instead, find a door that you can open yourself and walk through that one," she told me, adding: "Follow your heart and don't give up, no matter what limitations society or others put on you. Ultimately, it's up to you."

Help me congratulate Captain Jeanelle Wadkins on her momentous promotion. I hope she’s an encouragement to women everywhere!

P.S. I told her I'd poke her in the ribs if she didn’t smile for the picture above, but she threatened to body slam me. Thank goodness she smiled.

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