Have you heard of fidget toys or fidget spinners? If not, you've probably just missed clicking on a headline about them.

Everyone from USA Today to Forbes seems to be covering the latest fad hitting the classrooms and even some offices. Kids love them, while adults admittedly just don't get it. As for teachers, well, they aren't too happy about the popular toys, which are causing distractions in the classroom.

Fidget spinners are a huge deal right now. Stores in Lubbock and around the U.S. are actually having a tough time keeping these things on their shelves. Why? For one thing, it's because of the hype among kids.

You know how this works. A few kids take these to school and all of sudden it's a rush to the stores for parents to buy one for their kids. Secondly,  they are cheap or at least they can be. The spinner I purchased last Friday was only about $5. Online you can find them from $3 to $40. Spinners take on all looks and sizes and some even light up.

In the video above, I talk about my impressions with a fidget spinner and whether or not it's a gimmick or a real calming tool. For those that don't know, fidget toys were apparently designed to help calm and focus kids with anxiety, ADHD and even Autism. Now, kids... well, parents are just buying them.

One note to parents, teachers are starting to get annoyed with spinners. Some headlines have popped up discussing how schools overall are split on whether spinners are good or not, while USA Today recently declared spinners the Bane of Teachers Everywhere.

While some may argue this fad won't go away anytime soon, eventually it will. As far as fads go though, we've all seen worse and probably participated in worse. Remember Beanie Babies?

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