The best tradition in college football was led by Fearless Champion for the last 10 years after debuting at the 2012 Bowl game. The next season was Fearless' first full regular season, and he never looked back.

During his decade of being the Red Raiders' mascot, he traveled a total of 150,000 miles and made 2,604 appearances with 10 different Masked Riders.

Before the Texas Tech Red Raiders game against the Oklahoma State Cowboys, Fearless Champion ran his last 100-yard dash. The black quarter-horse and the Masked Rider blew through the smoke and led the football team out to a strong first-half against a top 10 team.

Later in the game, Fearless Champion and his 10 Masked Riders were honored on the field.

The fans were emotional.

Fearless Champion will continue to make appearances for the rest of this school year and will officially retire in summer 2022. Texas Tech is already searching for the next horse to carry the Masked Rider in the 2022 football season.

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