His son decided to not follow the social distancing guidelines and he has decided he is not welcome back home.

51-year-old Peter Levine is from New York and he has a 21-year-old college son. His son decided to ignore his father's request to cancel his spring break plans to South Padre Island. He partied it up like he planed to all along, even with everything going on with the coronavirus. Spring break ended, college is cancelled, so he decided to come back home with his friends.

Peter is not allowing his son into his house. “They got out of the car near our driveway, and I said, ‘Stay right there! Do not go any further!’” Peter Levine told the newspaper. Peter has his parents staying at his house and he does not to risk them getting infected. “I love my son, but they were not sleeping here,” Peter Levine added, “I said, ‘If any of you have to pee, we have some bushes.’ Two of them took me up on it.”

Peter says the other parents do not want their kids at home either since they all denied their request to end their spring break early. The kids have an on campus apartment which is good through June, so they all went there. Peter did give his son some groceries and $300 in cash.

Hopefully the family gets to reunite in the summer and this son needs to give his dad a big hug. Also apologize for not doing what he said.

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