I was on vacation last week and the highlight of my trip, as is the highlight of most of my trips is the Texas Shaped Waffle. Is it a simple pleasure? Yes but alas, I am a simple man.

The state of Texas Waffle, somehow, tastes better than any other waffle in existence. It doesn't matter that you just shot out the batter from a spout and it's warm and probably not safe to eat but you release the spigot into the small plastic cup then pour that batter into the cold hard steel Texas-shaped waffle iron. Flip that bad boy over and sit down for two minutes to enjoy the eggs the hotel manager just poured out of a plastic bag into the metal serving bin.

When the waffle is done, burn your finger trying to release it from the iron after you saw the kid who used the spatula before you scratch himself with said spatula. Pro Tip: Use peanut butter and syrup.

Now, maybe it's because I had that waffle on my mind, but when I saw this hail, pictured below, out of Euless, Texas this morning I immediately saw the state of Texas!

This photo is not doctored in any way, it was just posted by the guys over at S&B Roofing and Remodeling after it was found on the ground. It doesn't look like it chipped either, just sent straight from the lord already shaped like the great State of Texas.

There aren't any other states that put out waffle irons in the shape of their state, and no state pride permeates the atmosphere so damn much that the sky spits it back to earth hard as the resolve of a Texan.

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