Tragedy in an El Paso, Texas Walmart store on August 3rd has focused international attention on Texas because of the heartbreaking number of lives lost in such a public place.

Numerous efforts to help the community of El Paso come together and heal have been established. From GoFundMe accounts to vigils, people across the globe are asking how they can help in the wake of such a shocking act of violence.

Adults are finding it hard to fathom how such an atrocity can occur, but children who have been exposed to local and national news are also sharing in the concern for those who are grieving.

One day after the tragedy, an El Paso mother took to Twitter to share an idea that her 11-year-old son, Ruben Martinez, came up with in order to encourage random acts of kindness. He calls his idea the #ElPasoChallenge.

Since the original tweet, the sixth grader has received tens of thousands of positive messages of encouragement.

The challenge is fairly simple in asking that each person commit to a good deed for every life lost during the shooting.

Take the challenge, and do something kind for some strangers today!

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