Fans of the NBC mockumentary The Office got a chuckle last week after one of the show's most popular stars was given NHL playoff tickets...encased in a block of jello.

Rainn Wilson, who played the paranoid "Assistant to the Regional Manager" Dwight Schrute in the U.S. version of the series, mentioned via Twitter that he'd never been to a hockey game before. The LA King's media team responded in full Office form:














For those unfamiliar with the show, in the first season of the Office Dwight's coworker and self-appointed heckler Jim Halpert encases his stapler in Jello.  But it doesn't stop there. The Kings lived up to their promise, showing up at Wilson's house with Jelloized tickets in tow.

Wilson appreciatively attended the game, tweeting observations and some poetry from the stands. Unfortunately despite Wilson's presence the LA Kings lost to the Phoenix Coyotes 2-0. That's ok though, because a new hockey fan was born. Wilson: "Well, we lost. But it was a blast. Loving hockey! (I really really hate the Coyotes.)"