According to a Lubbock Police report, on Saturday, November 9th, a driver on South Loop 289 pulled a gun on another driver.

An unnamed man says he was on the South Loop between Slide Road and Quaker Avenue a bit before 8 a.m. when he noticed a vehicle in front of him driving recklessly. He honked his horn as the car almost crashed into his vehicle.

According to KAMC News, the suspect pulled up directly next to the man and pointed a handgun at him. The man then slammed on his brakes, fearing for his life.

He claims to have lost sight of the vehicle, but when he neared the area between Indiana Avenue and University Avenue, the suspect pulled up next to him again. He says the suspect rolled down his window and smiled at him, despite still having the handgun visible. The suspect, however, did not point the gun at the man this time.

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