Backstage Lubbock is now Downtown Social.

The new bar is the brainchild of Mark Martinez and his wife Jessica, who also own The Garden and are responsible for reinvigorating The Library Bar. Their plan? To make the Depot District great again:

"Downtown Social is just like how the name sounds. It’s a social club," Martinez told us. "But with a little something for everybody, not just a college bar, not a snooty bar. If you want a classic cocktail you can have one but if you want Lonestar or PBR you got it too and the prices will be right in the middle."

Martinez wants to focus Downtown Social's live music efforts on indie and alternative bands, along with up-and-coming acts of all stripes. So one night, you may see a singer-songwriter, and another might bring a down-and-dirty rock quartet. Basically, great acts you'll see nowhere else in Lubbock.

"As far as live music, there will be always be a variety. We are looking at swing bands, big bands, jazz, blues, indie, reggae, we want to fill the void of what’s missing in Lubbock as far a music," he said. "There will even be matinee shows for the people who want to get home by 10 p.m."

What's Downtown Social's new look? Martinez aims for simple sophistication and excellent sound.

"And the remodel is going to be simple because less is more but we are getting it acoustically treated for the highest sound quality in Lubbock. It’s going to be a cool little spot," said Martinez.

You can follow Downtown Social on Instagram and like them on Facebook for updates and more.

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