As many of you know our beloved Joyland celebrated 50 years of service to the Hub City and has closed their doors forever but maybe we can keep this iconic king around. No, not the Galaxi Rollercoaster (which is the best ride) but instead the Joyland lion!

If you say you didn't put your mouth on the water spigot of the lion during a warm summer day then you are lying to everyone. It was a right of passage. The Joyland lion has actually been living in Lubbock longer than Joyland was around as it was previously housed at Tiny Texan, which is where Yates Flooring Center is currently located.

The lion has been at Joyland for about 49 years along with some friends such as Mr. Turtle and the tiger, which were both stolen years ago from the park but luckily Mr. Turtle was found. David Dean, the owner of Joyland, states that he wishes the Joyland lion would find a new home somewhere in Lubbock so people can continue to see it and have it still be a part of Lubbock history.

Recently, the Dean family has taken to social media and asked everyone to share pictures of their greatest memories at the park, there might even be some of kids putting their mouths on the water spigot. Things are slowly being sold off and a lot of memories are going with them but one let us hope the Joyland lion stays king of the South Plains.

Anything that is not sold before Labor Day has the chance to be auctioned off, including the lion if he isn't purchased before. That auction might also be a great opportunity to get on you hands some amazing Joyland merchandise. As of now no one has purchased the Joyland lion but maybe someone will, perhaps the owners of Lubbock Water Rampage? Let us know where you would like to see the Joyland lion live in Lubbock next.

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