There's a lady in town who's run the same scam for so long that I now recognize her.

Thinkstock Images, Thinkstock
Thinkstock Images, Thinkstock

This lady is late 50s/early 60s and has grey-blond hair that she wears pulled back. She's what I'd call slightly overweight or heavyset, fair complected with a roundish face.

Her scam is this: She walks around the parking lots of big-box stores with her keys in her hand (to display a sense of urgency) and will tell you that she "just ran out of gas on her way to...." and asks if you could you spare some cash. She's kind of bold, too -- usually asking for larger amounts.

I saw the lady near the exit at the Home Depot on 50th St. Later, she approached the window of my truck, but I just stared at YouTube on my phone while my friend was inside the store. I think she knew I was on to her, so she took off.

I don't know what, if anything, can be done to stop this lady's scam. Maybe the cops have their hands tied because this lady has been doing this for years. I know I've seen her in two different Walmart parking lots.

Anyway, I'm kicking myself for not getting a picture and putting this lady on blast, so I'm reaching out to you guys. If you see this lady or have a picture, let's get it out there. People shouldn't have to feel bad that they didn't give the lady money and they shouldn't have to be ripped off by a scam artist.


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