Devault Floral (3703 19th Street) in Lubbock was recently robbed. Not only are they out whatever the robber was able to grab, they also have to replace their glass door.

About the incident, Devault said:

On the positive side, it’s going to be a beautiful day! So who needs a door!
I don’t know who needed the money that badly but the only thing we can do is pray for them.
We are still open and ready to brighten your day!

So even in spite of the setback, Devault Floral is open today. And in the spirit of community, I suggest we pull together and help Devault recoup their loss by picking up an arrangement for someone you love.

Not only will you score major points with your mom/girlfriend/boss/client/whomever, you'll be helping a local business whose proprietor has the spirit of charity in THEIR heart, despite the evil done to them.

Devault Floral has been in business here for over 30 years, and can create custom arrangements for any occasion.

Here are a few examples of the gorgeous, on-trend, happy bouquets they have available today:

Devault Floral

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