Oscar-winning actor Denzel Washington wanted to be a Red Raider.

During a red carpet interview with Washington, D.C.'s WPGC 95.5, the Training Day star was (seemingly) asked about sports and his favorite team. What followed was a big nod to Lubbock's Texas Tech University and, as the radio station put it, "four words Redskins fans never want to hear."

"I played for the boys club in Mt. Vernon, we were called the Red Raiders. I wanted to go to Texas Tech because they were the Red Raiders, which got me involved with Texas football," Washington explained. "So I started watching University of Texas, all of them. Then I landed with the Cowboys, and I ain't stopped since....how about them Cowboys?"

Texas Tech Red Raiders reference? ✔️

Loves the Dallas Cowboys? ✔️

Denzel Washington -- you're an honorary Texan in our book.


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