Perfect, absolutely perfect response.

Let me get this out there before we start with this story. I have ZERO problems with what DeMarcus Lawrence did to this kid. This is after the game and DeMarcus is walking to his van to go home. Fans typically group around the parking lot to try to get player autographs after the game.

Now most fans form rows and try to politely ask for an autograph. This is what appears to be happening in this video, but someone decided to push this kid towards DeMarcus. I'm gonna assume that is the kid's mom pushing him. Clearly, DeMarcus is not signing autographs and wants to go home. THIS IS COMPLETELY FINE! This is not a meet and greet opportunity where you're guaranteed an autograph.

So let's say DeMarcus, did sign for this kid. Do you know what happens next? Everybody sees that kid get out of line and then everybody swarms Demarcus. Not good. So DeMarcus looks down and let's security get the kid back in line. DeMarcus then tells the kid to 'Get the right jersey son.' Which I found hilarious.

He's not signing autographs for Cowboys fans. WHAT ON EARTH DO YOU THINK HE'S GONNA SIGN FOR A GIANTS FAN?! I'm glad he made that comment and now everyone is tearing him apart for it. He claims on Twitter people are cursing him out, hope he gets hurt, and even wished death upon him.

I'm sorry kid, you're not guaranteed an autograph at this particular time. This is a reality you have to face in life. Trust me, I always wanted a Cal Ripken Jr. autograph as a kid. I would go down to batting practice and hope to get one. It never happened and it did suck. My parents told me, he doesn't have to do that for you and DeMarcus does not have to give that kid an autograph either.


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