Warning: The crash in the above video is very loud. Before watching, make sure your volume isn't too high.

A Lubbock Police Officer was briefly hospitalized with moderate injuries Thursday after a pickup truck rammed into the side of her patrol car.

The crash involved Officer Belinda House. According to the Lubbock Police Department, House was driving on Frankford Ave. around midnight. Upon driving through the intersection at 98th Street which was displaying a yellow light, Officer House was struck by a pickup truck driven by 26-year-old Jordan Cypret, police said.

Both Officer House and Cypret were hospitalized following the crash -- House with moderate injuries, and Cypret with minor injuries. Officer House was released later hours after the crash.

Lubbock Public Information Officer Tiffany Pelt, citing the dashcam video from Officer House's patrol vehicle and witness statements, said Cypret had entered the intersection while his traffic light was red. She added that Officer House had the right of way when the crash occurred.

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