Many are starting to use this game as an example of what is wrong with preseason football. Admittedly the 3-0 victory by the Dallas Cowboys over the Oakland Raiders was a bit of a snoozer. The Dallas Cowboys gained a total of 202 yards on the night, with most of the offense drives being carried out by second and third string players. Oakland did not fair much better, gaining only 253 yards on the night. The only score of the game came from a field goal by Cowboys kicker Dan Bailey.

Yes the game was boring, but it can be used to learn alot about the Cowboys, and what to expect from them this season.

Observation number 1, the Cowboys offensive line is not good. Tony Romo, when he was in had no time to throw, DeMarco Murray had no room to run, and the players competing for the number three receiver position had no opportunity to demonstrate what they could do. Granted they are breaking in several new players, it still was an extremely disappointing performance.

Observation number 2, the amount of penalties last night on the special teams was ridiculous. The cowboys were penalized 12 times for a total of 97 yards in the game vs. the Raiders, and it seemed as thought all of those penalties came against the special teams unit.

Observation number 3, Dez Bryants hamstring does not appear to be bothering him. Many were concerned in the time leading up to the game that Dez Bryant would be slowed, or unable to play due to his injury. However, in the times Bryant was in the game, he looked great.

Overall, the Cowboys did not look good. Before it is time to panic however, the defense pitched a shutout, and it was preseason game number one.

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