The Dallas Cowboys have hired Bill Callahan as their next offensive line coach, and in a surprise turn of events, he will also be named the next offensive coordinator. Jason Garret was the offensive coordinator back in 2007, before being named head coach in 2010.

If you are having trouble remembering who Bill Callahan is, this video should refresh your memory, especially if you are a Tech fan.

Not to jump to judgement on Callahan, obviously hes a good coach, before being hired on by the Cowboys, he was the offensive line coach for the New York Jets from 2008-2011, and the head coach at Nebraska from 2004-2007, among various other stops including a stint as the head coach of the Oakland Raiders.

He has experience, and his resume is a bit marred from the stop at Nebraska where he tried to implement the West Coast Offense with minimal success. Hopefully he can unite the Cowboy's offense and provide them with some sort of identity.

You can read more about the hire here.