Need a job? Want to fight the 'Rona? It may be your lucky day.

CVS has announced that they're widening their search and urgently hiring qualified healthcare professionals to join their clinics before the coronavirus vaccine is released to the public.

CVS Health CEO Larry J. Merlo recently announced on CBS's Face the Nation that it would be pharmacists and pharmacy interns who would be administering the vaccine once it's available to the public. Of course, there's no timeframe on exactly when the first doses of the vaccine will be available to the public here in West Texas. (UMC and Covenant are expecting to receive their first doses as early as December 14th, but those will be earmarked for healthcare workers, first responders, those with underlying health conditions, and people over the age of 65.)

In a job posting (which can be found here), the company said that they're looking to hire thousands of pharmacists, nurses and pharmacy technicians before the first vaccinations are available. In addition, CVS says that to those workers who are tasked with administering the COVID-19 vaccine, they will be offering an undisclosed amount of additional "Hero Pay" to sweeten the pot.

When you apply online, you need to indicate which position you wish to apply for and where you are applying. In the Lubbock area, there appear to be (as of the publication of this story) five pharmacist openings (four open positions in Lubbock, and one in Levelland), and at least 15 availabilities for Pharmacy Technicians in the area. If requested, you will need to complete a virtual job tryout with the company before making it to the next round of job candidates.

Good luck in your job search, and be safe everyone.

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