This video creeped me out. Big time. As such, I thought you might be interested in taking a gander.

TikToker @jesslynn8880 is a bit suspicious that her neighbor may have eaten her cat. A video was recorded on her doorbell camera of a strange interaction between the cat and the neighbor the day before the cat disappeared.

The weird neighbor refers to her kitty as "tasty" and as a "delicious morsel" while she talks about stealing it because it's always outside. The TikToker claims that her cat went missing the very next day. Coincidence? Probably, but it doesn't make the video any less weird.

The woman is crouched down on the ground and looks at the camera menacingly as she strokes the cat while it unassumingly rubs all over her legs. There's also a man standing silently to her side, looking almost like a zombie. Totally weird vibes...

What do you think? I don't know, man. I would be totally freaked out if I saw someone being all weird with one of my cats on my front porch, and then it suddenly went missing. If she did steal the cat, maybe she's just loving on it and giving it extra treats. Or perhaps she's enjoying cat tacos. Who knows?

Most of the comments on the video are people getting upset with her for letting her cat outside, something I don't do with mine. But I don't think there's anything wrong with it. I'm just always terrified mine will go missing...or be eaten.


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