Brenda Garcia with United Supermarkets joined us again today with more tips for 80/20 in 2020.

If you don't know what 80/20 is, think of it this way: You eat healthy 80 percent of the time, and then, occasionally, indulge a little.

At United Supermarkets, they want to make the 80/20 lifestyle as easy as possible for those that may do it.

One of today's tips from Garcia was to cook once, but eat twice. Garcia explained that when you cook, cook enough for leftovers. If you pick up some of United's rotisserie chicken, save some for a roll-up the next day.

The same thing can be done with fish. Have a fish dinner one night, then the next day, fish tacos.

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The United Supermarkets Family is making healthy shopping easier by helping you build a better basket. Find out more at United Supermarkets’ official website.

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