The City of Wolfforth has canceled tonight's 4th on the 5th Celebration, much to the chagrin of our southwest neighbors. Let's be honest: Wolfforth is like Lubbock's hat. You might not be part of our body, but we still love and need you.

Wolfforthians...Wolfforthites? Wolfforthingtons? People of Wolfforth are upset, and the comments section of the City of Wolfforth's Facebook page is rife with cry reacts. We cry with you, Wolfforthes.

Of course, it's due to the relentless thunderstorms we've been having. Our own Maxey Park canceled their fireworks last night as well. The Lubbock Country Club had their fireworks early and managed to get them off; however, switching the date ruined my parent's party and I'm still pretty upset about it. Instead of our usual antics, we decided to see how many hot dogs my fiance could fit in his mouth instead.

Here's hoping for a clearer 4th of July next year! We all know it's not really about fireworks, anyway.

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