The Facebook page for Lubbock's city government shared a post reminding residents to cut their grass now that everything has greened up from the recent rainfall. The comment section below their innocent reminder that vegetation of more than 8 inches is a no-no has everyone here at the station cracking up.

We thought we should share it with you.

Here are a few of the best comments on the post:

"I'm sorry my tall grass offends your bourgeois aesthetics."

"What about the weeds that grow in the street? Is the city going to fine itself?"

"Within the city limits, there are numerous fields of land with a "Developer's" sign on it that has vegetation greatly in excess of the 8" rule. I never see any of those properties being mowed."

"Has anyone told the city about the ordinance?"

I'm dead.

Lubbock is notorious for having a ton of weeds and random lots full of tall grass all over the place. We aren't the most well-manicured city.

Last year, I took some photos of the weeds growing along Marsha Sharp Freeway. Some of those weeds measured over 8 feet! (I did learn that TxDOT is responsible for that portion of Lubbock, so it wasn't exactly the city's fault, so...)

My backyard looks like a jungle right now and yours probably does, too. I'll get to it when I get to it. And by 'I,' I mean my boyfriend. I'm not the mowing type.

Have you ever been fined for your tall grass? How much did you pay? Also, was it worth it? Because I've just been thinking about giving my house back to Mother Earth and calling it a day.

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